The Mysterious "We" Space

Way back in early July of this year, I co-guided a small group of women who gathered on Colorado ranchland in Saguache County to explore the “Ancient-Modern Feminine.” It was a beautiful trip — slowing down to the pace of grass growing, and after only six days, having immensely deep experiences of being our real selves, in nature, with each other.

Because the group was so small, we decided to continue for a bit after the trip with a monthly call — to re-member that place, both geographically and psychically. Interesting things continued to happen as we dropped into full presence with each other on those calls, feeling into what was needed . . .  to be said or not said . . . and where the collective energetic wanted to take us.

 Have you ever experienced dropping into a deep and sacred space with others? What are the qualities of the feelings you experience?

I experience a great stillness and a kind of ‘singing’ or buzzing in my head . . . as if all the neurons in my brain are coherently firing in some happy unison. I have a sense of myself and simultaneously, feel a mysterious ‘we’ space, a place of connection where I can access more and different kinds of information than I can when I am not in that space.

Being the curious human I am, I've wondered what might be going on in this mysterious 'we space.' Here are a couple of clues I've found.

The Noosphere — Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit priest and philosopher who lived and worked in the early part of the 20th century, spoke of the noosphere — a theory similar to ideas proposed by Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky and others in the early 1900’s. The noosphere is described by de Chardin as a kind of ‘blanket’ of knowledge or knowing that wraps around the planet, like a layer of mental activity "above and discontinuous with the biosphere." It is created by the growing interaction of human cognition and is said to be a developmental quality of the living planet Earth, a creative evolutionary phenomena that is being brought into tangible form now as the Internet and world wide web — but transcends that tangible form as well.

Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields — Cambridge-educated biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake has proposed and studied a concept that he calls morphic resonance that occurs within morphic fields. It's the idea that similar living species share a non-local intelligence, a field through which memory and new learning is shared, in a patterned, holistic way. It explains how evolutionary advances spread rapidly amongst organisms (as well as other natural processes) without physical contact or communication through time. 

Interesting stuff, eh?

Here is what makes my socks roll up and down:

What if we as human beings have the capacity to develop our internal sensitivities to the collective noosphere, and expand our evolutionary potential through awareness of morphic resonance and morphic fields? What if simply being together in attentive, still and open space, communicating authentically with each other is what quickens our evolutionary trajectory?

It’s a cool reason to be very still when you are with others and try to sense more deeply into your own being, and into the being of the other. It's even more cool when you consider that you are participating in a huge and mysterious evolutionary process by doing so. Yay team!