A Medicine Walk is a facilitated walk in nature that allows you to slow down, tune in, shift consciousness, and receive the medicine that your soul needs.

"Kinde is one of the most calming and centered people I know, and it is mirrored in her work with others. Through her guided meditations, reflective exercises, and a purposeful walk in nature, I was able to find focus and identify some of the issues and beliefs that I had allowed to get in the way of pursuing a significant goal of mine.  I highly recommend working with Kinde if you are trying to uncover your true self in a modern world that seems set on distracting you from it."    

— Stormy Sweitzer

There is another way of knowing that is different from our civilized, rational, brain-centered way of knowing. It is subtle, trans-rational, gut and heart-centered. It can hear the quiet communication from the deepest parts of ourselves and from the mystery that is everywhere around us. Cultivating this way of knowing makes us more fully human, more fully alive, more wise.

One way to tap into this other way of knowing is by going on a medicine walk. A medicine walk is a facilitated walk in nature that allows you to slow down, tune in, shift consciousness and receive the 'medicine' that your soul needs.

What medicine are you needing at this moment in your life?

When you call in the medicine or the power to find guidance for a specific problem challenge or question you're facing, magical things happen. 

There are three things to know about medicine.

First, medicine does not fix things for you. Medicine assists you to fix, solve, create, or move past what seem to be blocks or problems. In calling in your medicine, you are the one in charge. You are the ultimate authority. Medicine is for your use.

Second, medicine sometimes tastes bad, so the small ego self may dismiss it. What you most need might be uncomfortable, and threatening to your ego. Yuck!

Third, medicine is subtle. It comes in many forms. It can be something that a friend says in passing. It can be a sign on the freeway. It can be a bird sitting on a branch. It is a jump in the heart, a sudden 'aha' that comes from inside. Because you've asked, the medicine comes. But we must be able to feel and work with the subtle senses so that we can receive the answers. We must be willing to cultivate another way of knowing.

Although not completely necessary, at times having someone who can hold space for you can be very helpful. I have realized this for myself, and engage certain others to help me by just BEING there for me — so that I can do deep, stay honest with myself, hear myself speak, and celebrate my illuminations more fully.

Check out my medicine walk offerings here. Join us! We'd love to have you.

Those who embark on a solitary Medicine Walk with guidance from someone who can truly hold space for, witness, and reflect back to them their journey, are reclaiming a crucial rite of passage; a critically absent component of spiritual living for most of modern western culture.
— Giuliana Serena