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I have arrived at this place of purpose with the help of many, many others. I thank my family and friends for being a net of support always.

I’m deeply indebted to my many teachers and mentors, including Marilyn Hendee, Kent Pearce and Farion Pearce and many others veteran guides from the Wliderness Guides Council; Bill Plotkin of Animas Valley Institute, the teachings of Thomas Hübl, Benito Massaro and Ken Wilbur, and all my instructors at Naropa University as well as countless others who I do not name here. Thanks to Julien Puzey who first introduced me to the ideas and thinkers in the world of deep ecology and evolutionary consciousness, and Alan Burgess who taught me by example what it is to be truly wild.

I thank my soul tribe, fellow wilderness guides, who have modeled for me always, the most mature and grounded way of being in community.

Thanks to Chris Noble and Amy Hahn and for lending me photos for this site.

And thanks to the Universe and our planet earth in all her mystery for leading me on this path.