There had been movement in my life toward a shift for some time, but the experience with Kinde brought it to a head. With her support, something crystallized that even now is difficult to name. It has to do with a profound understanding of the sacredness of nature and my place in it. As a culture, we’ve isolated ourselves in a rational, mechanical, hyper-masculine bubble. The Women’s Wild Nature Retreat opened a portal, enabling a blissful reunion with the animate world. It affirmed that I am not alone. I belong to a world that is alive, aware, intelligent and sacred.
— Ruth Baretto, Wild Nature Retreat participant, 2014
Kinde brings together mind, body, soul and heart in her work. In her workshops, she provides a clearly articulated conceptual framework with the opportunity for personal first hand experience. She teaches and “guides” by creating a powerful container and reflecting you back to yourself. She has a deep respect for each individual’s journey and each person’s inherent wisdom. Her invitation is to discover your own path and your own power and thus to stand in your own joy. Kinde also brings to her work a deeply resonant relationship to the earth, as well as the practical competency of an experienced climber and outdoorswoman. To walk or work with Kinde is to walk and work in beauty, embraced by her confidence in her own and your own transformative powers.
— Terri Martin, workshop participant
I was so blessed to have Kinde as a guide on my very first vision quest. It can be a bit unnerving to think about sharing such a personal journey with strangers, but as I quickly learned, Kinde is everybody’s long lost friend. She created a beautiful, safe space for me to openly and shamelessly experience myself and I knew every moment that she was there facilitating the free expression of me—whoever I needed to be.
— McKenzie Carlisle, Coyote Canyon Vision Fast, 2010
Kinde brings an open heart and deep listening skills to her guide work. She’s a keen observer of the interplay between human nature and Nature and skillfully facilitates experiences that allow participants to discover their innate wholeness, personal gifts, and unique calling in the world. Through ritual, immersion in wild nature, and contemplative practices , Kinde creates a sacred container for individual and communal growth.
— Nancy Jane, Wilderness rites of passage guide and instructor, Naropa University and the School of Lost Borders
I have never met a person as constant and centered as Kinde—a true beacon of strength in these troubling and distracting times. Kinde has awakened me to the power within myself by showing me how to open my focus and allow in the strength of the world around me. She has also opened my heart to love, healing and connection.
— Eve Miller, sacred day walk participant, 2009
I’m beginning to cultivate [a new] relationship to my life and I’ve become more willing to surrender to the experience. I think the facilitation of the group was key to this experience for me because I was able to have my experience and yet encouraged to hold an intention that kept me grounded enough to dialogue about it. I think this is a subtle art and I thank you Kinde for cultivating it.
— Pam M., workshop participant, 2009