April's medicine walk will be dedicated to looking at what it means to act strongly from a place that is 'beyond against.'  What part of me is free of the human tendency to demonize and make an opponent out of a person who takes a stance that is different from my own? How can I rest in that place of freedom even as I resist forces pushing against what I most value? We will spend a whole day outside in wild nature exploring this question — both in community with other like-minded souls, and walking solo on the land to allow answers to be revealed. Find deep rest, in open space and unstructured time to drop deeply into this inquiry, to re-connect to mystery and magic, and find peace, healing and precious signs & wisdom. 

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On a Medicine Walk, what we notice is a mirror of what's inside us.

On a Medicine Walk, what we notice is a mirror of what's inside us.

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• We will meet in the parking lot at Little Dell Reservoir on Utah State Highway 65 N (towards East Canyon).. You can bring payment (cash or check) at that time. 
• Come prepared for being outside all day. That means proper clothing for the weather, (rain gear, warm clothes in layers), good walking shoes, a quart of water, and lunch. Please bring a timepiece as well. Also, feel free to bring a journal or sketchbook.

Cost: sliding scale $45 – $95  Bring cash or a check with you, or send me a Paypal payment: