photo by Carine Roth

photo by Carine Roth

VISION FAST IN UTAH {aka Secret Canyon}

Guided by Kinde Nebeker and Carine Roth

Late Summer 2020 in Northern Utah

A contemporary rites of passage experience for modern people.

We are in a time in the evolution of our species, where more than ever before, each individual’s gifts have the potential to be realized and given to the culture.

The ancient human practice of finding true wisdom by fasting in the wilderness is one of the most powerful tools for connecting to Self and Source — for healing, for direction, and for vision.

Join us on this 11 day vision fast ceremony, enacted in high desert ranch land of Utah. Includes time to slow down and prepare for a four-day solo fast on the land, with several days of integration following.

This vision fast trip is offered once a year and performed in a pan-cultural form (as taught by the School of Lost Borders), We will form a community and explore together the deepest meaning of our lives both personally and collectively, and what it is to be fully human. This is a ceremony of living and dying, of death and rebirth, and so of authentic growth. It gives you the opportunity and space to dig deep, and to die to what no longer serves you so that you may hear your soul’s genius, echoed in the clear mirror of Nature.


• marking a new life phase or transition; dying to what was and being reborn to what is to come

• re-membering your connection to Self

• questing for the answer to a central life question

• uncovering vital aspects of your soul’s genius

• your empowerment for action in the world

The Secret Canyon Utah Vision Fast will be held on South Eden Ranch, on the east side of Bear Lake, Utah — a 2.5 hour drive north from Salt Lake City. You are requested to get to the location on your own (carpooling opportunities will arise!) and to have your own food and equipment for the whole program. A complete packet of information materials will be provided to you to enable your solid preparation. The ceremony begins when you take the step to commitment!!

Sliding Scale Fee: TBA

To reserve your spot, make your $200 non-refundable deposit by PayPal (below). 

Balance is due one month before the trip.

*Pricing is designed to reflect a fair exchange of energy with a range of payment to accommodate different abilities to pay. If you are strongly called to do this trip and do not have the financial means, contact me and let's talk.

Your Guides


Kinde Nebeker MFA, MATP-EP holds a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Ecopsychology. In the last decade, she has trained as a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, completing workshops and apprenticeships with The School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, and Naropa University’s transpersonal psychology department. She is the creator and owner of New Moon Rites of Passage and works with individuals and organizations in many areas of change and transformation, such as leadership, life transitions, grief, conscious elderhood, general psycho-spiritual development and wellbeing.

I have found contemporary rites of passage to be the most holistic, profound, and effective endeavor to catalyze and awaken our deep true Self and bring It into action in the world. Nothing is more important at this time than this: for as many of us as are ready and willing to wake up and know in our bones that we are divine as well as human, that we are not ultimately not separate but interdependent with all of Creation.

The culture we will create from this stance and the world we will build for ourselves and all living things is beyond our present imagining — but it is imminately possible. It is our birthright to know ourselves in this way and to creatively, joyously act from it.

Carine Roth has studied shamanism with Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Switzerland. She completed her practice by traveling —especially to Mexico among the Huichol Indians — but also to Guatemala, Iceland, Mongolia, Canada, Tuva (Siberia) and the USA. She did her training as a vision fast guide with the School of Lost Borders in California. She is certified in Harner Shamanic Counseling (HSC)® Her way in this work is to bridge humans and non-humans, visible and invisible,  in service to soul purpose and harmony between people and the natural world. She offers healing practices and leads workshops and fasts in Switzerland. To see more about Carin's work, check out her website.

I deeply believe that simply being able to reconnect with the unseen worlds, spiritual forces, nature and wonder brings concrete solutions not only to the individual but perhaps also to the planet-which seems urgent. Shamanic practitioners or vision fast guides are not healers or psychiatrists but rather smugglers, punctual intermediaries, facilitators, midwives. But truly we just do our best to hold space, light a spark, reopen an ancient dialogue.

For me shamanism and deep ecology allow the being to find a good place in the world, not above or out of it, but in, with. To belong to the same world, animal, vegetal, mineral, spiritual.

It’s a place of freedom and discoveries, of responsible trips to the sources and natural knowledge. A search that I wish to pursue more and more. Bienvenue!
— Carine Roth

The vision fast was an experience out of time. Surrounded by Nature, reduced to the slowed pace of Nature and its stillness, you can’t help but listen—truly listen—to the world around you and your own heart. It’s a unique chance to be utterly alone with yourself, but simultaneously feel the connectedness of the entire Earth and your place in it. I went out seeking a true north, an experience that would create a spiritual gravity that I couldn’t shake when back in my day to day busy-ness. I wanted a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. I can honestly say the fast experience gave me this and more. It was a demanding process, one that required me to really show up physically and mentally, but I always felt safe and guided throughout the experience. I know I understand myself better for the knowing and epiphanies I received out there. I would do it again in a heartbeat and wish we lived in a world where the fast experience was a part of our cultural way . . . I don’t think there is a person out there who wouldn’t benefit from it
— Alli
Vision Fast participants 2019.

Vision Fast participants 2019.

Awesome, Life-Changing . . . I now more easily relax into Being rather than fret about what I ‘should’ do to be responsible out in the world.
— Diana
I went into the vision fast under a cloud of confusion and stress, and came out on the other side with a depth of clarity that I haven’t seen in a long while. The container of the group under Kinde’s guidance created the feeling of security necessary to dive deep, as well as a place to bring personal insights into full light.
— Maggie

Your Genius is Calling

At the time, I experienced a kind of upheaval, a turning inside-out; a rendering. Looking back, I see the passage of water over stone, a working away, a revealing; and, always, in a sun-filled clearing, a butterfly, all light and dance.
Did it change me? I don’t know. It moved my center west—towards seeing with open eyes, towards allowing things to be as they are.
— Bryna
Deep connection to that which is essential and profound.

Deep connection to that which is essential and profound.

Being intentionally set apart from “civilization,” from food and any routine interactions, forces back open the world that I was closed off to for a long time. Everything from conversations with chipmunks, to sitting under and aspen for hours and hearing the coyotes howl at sunset reinforced what I already knew cognitively, but I was reminded in my core: I am in and of this world.
— Laura
Gifts and community.

Gifts and community.

I entered into the wilderness fast saturated in fear of the unexpected and exhilaration at the opportunity to reconnect with myself in context of the natural geography surrounding me. The time alone, listening, seeing, and feeling inspired a personal transformation I had not yet experienced. I walked out of my camp the last morning at sunrise with a new sense of self-knowing. Amazing.
— Jen