Kinde is one of the most calming and centered people I know, and it is mirrored in her work with others. Through her guided meditations, reflective exercises, and a purposeful walk in nature, I was able to find focus and identify some of the issues and beliefs that I had allowed to get in the way of pursuing a significant goal of mine. I highly recommend working with Kinde if you are trying to uncover your true self in a modern world that seems set on distracting you from it.
— Stormy Sweitzer
I met with Kinde over a 6-month period engaging in her “shifting work” curriculum. This was a truly special and enriching time for me. Kinde answered my desire to deepen my relationship with self, and to reach new levels of potential I had dreamt of. Kinde offers a unique mode of inquiry that combines self-reflection, natural awareness, and spirituality. As a trained psychotherapist, it is evident to me that Kinde’s presence and work are wholly relevant for persons seeking a stronger connection with self that integrates mind, body and spirit. What Kinde has to offer is greatly needed in a time where it is so easy to get disconnected from one’s purpose. I strongly recommend her to all who are interested in opening themselves up to this profound journey of finding one’s self, and finding one’s place.
— Lousia Phinney-Carter
. . . a man without ritual cannot live; an undertaking without ritual cannot come to completion; and a state without ritual cannot attain peace.
— Hsün Tzu (298-238 B.C.)

What this world needs most now is for everyone to awaken to who they TRULY are— to give the gift of their real joy, real sorrow, real anger, real love, real creativity and to take real action in alignment with their deepest values.

Sometimes all we need is a guide who has the capacity to hold us honestly and lovingly, show us a new idea or two, and reflect back to us the truth of our soul's genius.

I support individuals who are in the throes of developmental transition . . . leaving one stage of life and entering into the next. There are particular stages of transition and transformation, which, if the movement forward is to be as whole and healthy as it can be, must be considered and honored. Clarity about where you are in the process, suggestions for how to navigate, as well as how to find or create assistance for your process including practices and ceremony to speak to and satisfy the soul, all are part of this support.

I support individuals who feel a strong inner pull to evolve to their greatest potential; to be a guide and mentor to those who are in unknown territory, on the path of Growing Up and Waking Up. Psycho-spiritual maturity has never been more important, as our human species faces unprecedented global changes.

Mentorship is a relationship, unique to the chemistry of two souls. I don’t have perfect solutions to any particular problems, though I can offer insight from my own experience. Rather, I offer maps so that you can find your own way, with concepts and practices for changing and expanding your perspectives, and spacious containers in which you can hear your own wisest voice. My menu of offerings are the most effective, life-changing (and mysterious!) tools I have found in my own last decade of intense research and personal growth. The design of what we explore together evolves organically and uniquely to what your whole self most needs at this particular point in your development.

A sample menu of my toolkit includes:

Conceptual Learning: An Introduction to Integral Theory; Ecopsychology; Transpersonal Psychology

Human-Nature: Medicine Day Walks, Wilderness Rites of Passage

Body-Mind: Kum Nye meditation (Tibetan practice for accessing our natural flow of joy)

If a guide and mentor feels like what you need, contact me and we can explore the possibilities.


Ceremony & Ritual Design

With the sensibility of narrative pattern, form and rhythm from a from a childhood of musical training, a 30 year career in design, and a decade of wilderness rites of passage experience, I offer a co-creative process in which authentic ritual can be designed and executed top meet your specific personal or group needs. What fun to devise together a ceremony (for just about anything!) that incorporates both the universal, archetypal power of ceremony with your goals and intentions for yourself, your business or your organization. 

Anthropologists and theologians study the role of ritual and ceremony in human life. It is what keeps a culture cohesive and vital. In truth, even modern human life is full of ceremony . . . it is deeply embedded in our psyches and natural to everyone. However in our modern world, ceremony has mostly become empty for many of us —a vestige of the old empire and the control of the masses! We necessarily reject that ceremony, as it does not acknowledge us, does not see OUR uniqueness.

However, the personal, quiet ceremony that is a recognition of the special, a frame around something that deepens its meaning, is familiar to us all. As meaning-making beings, ceremony and ritual is essential to our experience.

Ritual in community is especially powerful. If you sense you need to mark something out in your life as special or sacred—a life transition, an undertaking, a loss or a celebration—having people to hold witness to your experience amplifies and deepens its sacredness.

 If you are looking for a creative partner to design a unique ceremony for you or your group contact me here.