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Medicine Night Walk  

Next Date TBA   5:30 pm–7:30 am

What Is It?

On a Medicine Night Walk, a group of participants gather in the nearby wild outdoors and spends the night alone — and awake if possible. Before we disperse to our solo spots for the night, we create a safe container through bare bones (un-fancy) ceremony and a short council circle, sharing some intentions for the night. As the guide, I offer some practices and perspectives to support you. I also hold our 'base camp' where anyone is welcome to come back to at any time. At first dawn, participants return, where we each tell our story of the night, however we wish to tell it. I have found this to be a great next step after a Day Walk to delve a bit more deeply into the wilderness within, and find one's own courage and peace.

Who Is It For?

A Medicine Night Walk is for you if you're ready to face things that scare you. It is the beginning of facing your own shadow, or dark places inside. It is not specifically designed to help you see your own shadow, though you can use it that way. 

A Medicine Night Walk is for you if you already know the dark and want to spend some time with Her. It is a sacred time, a time where the stillness can allow answers to arise that are too quiet to hear in the daytime.

What Are The Benefits?

Some benefits reported by participants include a renewed sense of empowerment and courage, release of long-held worries and stories, a feeling of groundedness, and a sense of feeling lighter, less burdened by fear. Clarity, calmness and yes, feeling a little tired the next day are also reported!

Why Do Something Nutty Like This?

Civilization can put us to sleep. So much constant doing, achieving, consuming, planning, building drowns out the subtler but very real, very vital parts of our nature that we need. We need to hear that quiet voice inside of us to live a truly balanced life, and to navigate by our own inner compass rather than the by the dictates of the outside world. There is something magical in the medicine this walk provides. It's hard to put into words. Better to just experience it!

Intrigued? Feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

 Medicine Night Walkers, August 2016

Medicine Night Walkers, August 2016


To sign up, send me an e-mail

Cost: sliding scale $55 – $145  Bring cash or a check with you, or send me a Paypal payment: kinde@newmoonritesofpassage.com.

We will meet in the city at 5:30 pm sharp on Thursday evening and carpool up Highway 65 toward East Canyon. We will be back in the city around 7:30 am the next morning.

I will send you a confirmation e-mail after you sign up by contacting me with a list of what to bring, exactly where to meet and other pertinent information.


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