Statement of Transformative Intent

In this six session course, you will be introduced to the major components of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. You will learn the five basic aspects of this theory (quadrants, levels, lines, states and types); where they come from, how they describe and delineate reality and how they interrelate with each other. Through conceptual understanding of the meta-map and its various components, and through discussion and experiential exercises, you will learn where you are in this meta-map, and what the most important elements of being a mature and whole person that there are to explore and cultivate in order to develop your own maximum human potential. Big questions like ‘why do people have such a hard time getting along?’,  ‘what is enlightenment?’ and ‘where is the human race going?’ start to become more clear. The psycho-active nature of this information, if it is digested and embodied, will work in mysterious ways to evolve you forward into higher levels of consciousness, wisdom, and inner peace — and in so doing, move us collectively closer to the tipping point of consciousness needed to shift to a sustainable culture.

Program Structure and Details

In this program, we will meet virtually for one hour to 90 minutes via a video conference call for 6 sessions scheduled at your convenience. As part of this program, you will receive:

An audio recording of each of our 6 sessions, for your review and archives.

• A pdf handout that summarizes each session's content.

• A pdf informational graphic that summarizes and visually maps each session's content.

• Experiential exercises to assist you in grounding your conceptual learning

 Unlimited response to any questions you may have, or clarifications you need, either via e-mail or a private Facebook page, whichever you prefer, throughout the program, and for two weeks after completion of the program.

Personal mentoring about how this map applies to you and how you can utilize in your everyday life. (As part of the 90 minutes sessions)

• Resources for further exploration of this topic.

Download pdf flyer for this course

Please contact me with any questions.

Small print: Registration for this program is accomplished by payment in full. As course sessions are flexible, no refunds can be given for missing a session. Sessions may be rescheduled with 48 hours advanced notice. Registration and payment for this program assumes your keen interest in the subject, and I will do all I am able to insure your satisfaction, knowing that you will put in your full effort as well. If for some reason you are unhappy with the offering, we will discuss it and come to a mutually agreed upon resolution.